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25 Greatest Plays: Extra Miles, 2009

Fans of America's Team have seen some of the greatest plays in NFL history. Here we cover the franchise's 25 best, according to Dallas Cowboys Star Magazine. Today we continue with play No. 23.

In June 2011, Dallas Cowboys Star Magazine decided to count down the best of the best, the top 25 plays in franchise history. Obviously, this wasn't the easiest of tasks, but some 30,000-plus words later, we feel pretty good about the results. Now here in a 25-part summer series, we share our list for one and all. Without further ado, we continue with No. 23, and a snippet from the Dallas Cowboys Star Magazine story:

23) Extra Miles, Oct. 11, 2009:

After catching a simple 8-yard out from Tony Romo, Miles Austin, making his first career start, broke a tackle and sprinted 52 yards down the sideline for a game-winning touchdown, propelling the visiting Cowboys past the Kansas City Chiefs, 26-20, in overtime.

The game-winner was a simple pattern, Austin coming back for a quick strike from Romo, catching the ball just eight yards from scrimmage. But almost instantly, he brought the ball into his body, turned, broke a tackle and vanished down the sidelines. His eyes went to the video board above the end zone midway through his jaunt.

"I caught it, put my shoulder down, made him miss and started looking up on the screen seeing how far the other guys were," Austin said. "They started gaining on me a little bit, so I had to run a little faster."

The catch gave Austin the franchise record with 250 yards on 10 receptions.

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