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A Chance To Improve Road Protection Stats

Through seven home games and six on the road this season, the offensive line has done a much better job of protecting Tony Romo at Cowboys Stadium than elsewhere.

Of the 28 sacks allowed this year, only eight have come at home, with a season-high three being registered by the New York Giants a week ago. Prior to that, Romo had only played one game with multiple sacks at home this year (St. Louis), and twice was never sacked (Seattle and Buffalo).

On the road, though, things have been different. On three instances this year the Cowboys quarterback been brought down for a loss four times in an away games, and at Arizona he was sacked a season-high five times.

It would stand to reason that an offensive line would have more trouble in road games, because crowd noise can slow their reaction time at the line of scrimmage, where they are unable to hear the snap count.

"It's probably that simple, really," Romo said. "It's easier - you have a lot more cadences, you have a lot of stuff at home - communication-wise."

It's one statistic that bodes well for the Cowboys on Saturday. Tampa Bay has only 20 sacks this season, one more than last-place Buffalo.

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