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A Powerful 2016 Offensive Stat Not Seen In Dallas Since The '90s

FRISCO, Texas – NFL Network paid tribute to the Cowboys' rich tradition Tuesday with a full lineup documenting all-time great players, coaches and games.

The 1990s were arguably the greatest stretch in franchise history: an unprecedented three Super Bowl titles in four years with Hall of Famers on offense, defense and in the front office (team owner/general manager Jerry Jones is set to be enshrined in Canton this August).

And, though the 2016 season didn't end with a championship, here's a stat that illustrates the level of balance and consistency we saw on offense this past season: Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliott and the group outscored their opponents cumulatively in all four quarters: 89-51 (first), 142-89 (second), 82-67 (third), 102-99 (fourth).

That's the mark of a team that was prepared, efficient, and knew how to finish out games. The last time the franchise had this stat was the heart of the 1990s dynasty, beginning in 1993 (the second Super Bowl year):

1993: 76-43, 124-46, 86-79, 87-61
1994: 100-34, 122-93, 104-46, 88-72
1995: 102-38, 133-104, 83-78, 111-72
1996: 60-52, 85-80, 57-51, 81-67

The 2014 Cowboys came close: 95-76, 140-92, 110-58, 119-123. So did the 2009 Cowboys: 71-27, 98-80, 80-34, 106-109. Both those teams made the divisional round, just like this past year's team.

The organization will look to make improvements this offseason, but there's plenty to build on offensively based on the group's contributions to a 13-win season.

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