A Whole Lot Of Giving

foundation in two cases or a vacancy in the third. It's great for Garrett, and it's also unfair to him, to say nothing of his players, fellow coaches and owner. Right now, trust me, the only thing Jason Garrett has on his mind is why his offensive genius couldn't manufacture one touchdown last week, and how to be successful in Charlotte and Washington and on into the playoffs. It does everyone involved a disservice to have these questions gain steam, and it's the price of success. It would just be nice if he could just do his job for the next six or seven weeks and then worry about it.

For Patrick Crayton And Chris Canty: New Cowboys' contracts. Not that we don't wish new contracts for all the team's free agents or restricted free agents, but you can't keep everyone. It would be nice for Cowboys fans to see these two players, who have become so productive as they have grown in the organization, signed for future duty right where they are. And it would be good for these men to be rewarded for what they've done and what they can be.

For Jessica Simpson: A reprieve from silly people who want to blame her for the Cowboys' loss to the Eagles. It's astounding how many fans seriously believe that Tony Romo had a bad day at work because Ms. Simpson was at the game wearing his jersey and cheering for him. She was at the Jets and Packers' games too, kids. And do you have such a low opinion of Romo that you think he could be so badly distracted by a friend's presence at the game? Puh-leeeze!

For Fans Everywhere: A good enough memory to recall what you love about the game, even when your team isn't winning the big prize. It's a gift to all of us to have a game like this to distract us from real life, and to have men like the ones who coach and play it devote their lives for our enjoyment. Remember the spirit of the holiday while you're cheering for your team. Next week we can discuss New Year's Resolutions.

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