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Adams Eyes Ultimate Prize

  "Oh man, he's tough every day," Ware said. "When you give him your second move, he's still right there with you. Sometimes, you give him a double move and it works on most of the guys, but not on 'Flo.' That doesn't work. He's really fundamentally sound." 

  Just like Adams said he's facing the best linebacker right now in August, Ware echoes the same sentiments.  

  "I feel the same way," Ware said. "We go up against each other every day. Both of us are good players and we know how to beat each other."  

  But getting beat isn't something that Adams experiences too often. Cowboys head coach Wade Phillips said Adams gave up only three sacks last season. However, just like the team's record, Adams said last year's stats don't really count.  

  "It seemed great for the fans - 13-3 and all that," Adams said. "But to us, how we finished, it just sucked. But, I think I can speak for a lot of the team that we just let that go. It's over. It's a new year and we know what we need to do." 

  And he knows where he wants to go - that big game in February that has eluded him and the majority of his teammates. Then, and only then, will Adams even think about the possibility of hanging up the cleats.  

  "It's not complete yet. It's nowhere near complete," Adams said of his career. "The ring is the goal. I want that ring to show off in the sunlight."                                                     

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