Added Pressure?

The Cowboys have just five sacks in the last four games.

forcing him to throw, is a must against a guy like this.

Not saying Vick hasn't improved tremendously as a thrower, but he's still a better runner.

"He's made so many big plays with his feet," Pasqualoni said. "I'm not sure anyone has a real answer for that. I think what you have to try to do is maintain your rush lanes - not get displaced where he has a way to escape inside, and certainly don't lose the contain on the outside where he could run around you on the outside. He's as dangerous outside as he is inside. Once he starts to run, he's just excellent."

Hmm, so don't let him run inside? And don't let him outside, either?

To me, that sounds like every player in that front seven will need to be on point come Sunday night. And that hasn't really been the case this year.

Sure, they've gotten some quality play from Ware, who is probably still at a Pro Bowl level this season. As of late, Jay Ratliff has been making more plays.

But across the board, on a consistent basis, it hasn't been there. Not sure about anyone else, but I'm surprised Anthony Spencer has just three sacks and one tackle for loss this year.

Especially when you consider that it's obvious that teams are making a conscious effort to stop Ware and Jay Ratliff, you would think Spencer could've made more plays.

And he agrees. Spencer said on Wednesday he's been disappointed with the results this season.

Honestly, every guy other than Mat McBriar and L.P. Ladouceur could probably say that.

But just like Spencer came on strong at the end of last year, it wouldn't hurt for him to do the same this season. Spencer entered the 2010 campaign as one of those guys who could be getting a new contract soon. But right now, the Cowboys have to be wondering if he's really a long-term guy. It's been four seasons and we haven't seen a lot of production, aside from a hot stretch of games late last year.

But whether it's an emergence from Spencer, more of an inside presence from Ratliff, or increased havoc on the outside from Ware, or a combination of everything, the Cowboys could certainly stand to pick up the pressure this week.

Like everything else has been this year, the pass rush is definitely on the clock.

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