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And Finally, A Game

it. Even if the Cowboys barely win, Owens will take the blame. Any time someone can play the "distraction" card with T.O., they do.  

But it doesn't matter.  

It doesn't matter if Terrell Owens plays in this game or not, though after Friday, the second straight day T.O. practiced, it certainly appears that he will play. Parcells confirmed that Owens will make the trip to Nashville, Tenn., though he won't decide until the weekend whether to dress him. 

It doesn't matter that this place turned into the Valley Ranch Zoo for about two days.  

It doesn't matter that the Cowboys are coming off a bye week, where the team is 12-5 after a week off.  

It doesn't matter that the Titans have not won a game yet this season.  

And it doesn't matter whether Kerry Collins plays, Vince Young plays, or they come out in a new double-shotgun, two-quarterback offense.  

Doesn't matter.  

The Cowboys are better than the Titans. So much so that they should win. And they will win.  

Then, and only then, can we all start to look ahead to the Eagles game. Something tells me that game won't fly under radar the way this one has.                                 

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