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!Spears started 78 of a possible 96 games as a Cowboy.

unless an avenue opens up for him to come back at a bargain price, they're set to let him walk, just like they allowed Chris Canty to go free a couple of years ago, instead bringing in the much cheaper Igor Olshansky.  

Good as Spears has been in his role, the team decided a while back that he wouldn't be successful as a third-down rusher. In order to afford Ware's contract and Ratliff's eventual extension, the Cowboys have to make sacrifices occasionally, particularly with the assumption a salary cap is coming back. Paying big bucks to a very good run-stopper doesn't make as much sense financially as it might from an X's-and-O's perspective. 

As a free agent, Spears will have to do what makes sense for him. That likely will mean, first and foremost, taking care of his family. He owes it to them to get the last dollar rather than worry about being a team guy, or what some fans will say. No one should begrudge him for taking care of his priorities.  

There is a real person, a very good one, behind the Madden character and the Twitter avatar, one equipped with real emotions, problems, wants and needs just like the rest of us. Of course, in most instances, everyone else is represented anonymously on the net, which, for whatever reason, seems to break down the accepted norms of human interaction.  

While he waits, probably a little nervously, for his future to come into focus, most people who cross paths with Spears in real life would wish him the best of luck.  

Fitting that within 140 characters should be pretty easy. 

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