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Assessing Need In Draft's First 13 Picks

Here's something to think about as draft season moves along - next up, the Combine in Indianapolis later this month.

We know the Cowboys' many needs - interior offensive line, defensive line, pass rush and secondary help - but what are the needs of the 13 teams picking ahead of them in the first round? And how might those needs affect who is available for the Cowboys at pick No. 14 overall?

Over on, there's a breakdown of the priorities for all 32 teams. Here are the positions listed for the 13 clubs picking in front of Dallas:

  1. Indianapolis (QB, DE, CB)
  2. St. Louis (OT, WR, CB)
  3. Minnesota (WR, OT, DB)
  4. Cleveland (QB, RB, WR)
  5. Tampa Bay (WR, RB, CB, LB)
  6. Washington  (QB, WR, DB)
  7. Jacksonville (WR, DE, QB)
    8/9. (subect to coin flip) Miami (QB, RT, DE)
    8/9. (subect to coin flip) Carolina (DE, CB, WR)
  8. Buffalo (OLB, DE, WR)
    11/12. (subject to coin flip) Kansas City (OT, WR, DE)
    11/12. (subject to coin flip) Seattle (QB, OT, DE)
  9. Arizona (QB, OT, DE)

Obviously every team doesn't get their first priority, but the Cowboys, like all other teams, will try to pick the guy at the top of their board who they can most use.

For the Cowboys, a first-round offensive skill position player would not make much sense, so the team will be happy to see as many quarterbacks, running backs and wide receivers off the board ahead of pick No. 14.

A couple things of note from those needs - no team was listed as having a need for interior linemen or defensive tackles.

The Cowboys could have their pick of the best players to fit their need in the trenches on either side of the ball.

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