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Barber Can't Do It Alone, Felix Needed, Bad

year. He's rushed for 665 yards and is on pace for a career-high for one season, which he set last year with 975. Barber also has 264 receiving yards.  

  But with his style of running and the pounding he takes, you have to wonder how long this guy can hold up. In nine games, Barber already has 205 touches. Last year, he had 248 in all 16 games.  

  That could be one reason why we're not seeing the same type of player we did last year. He averaged 4.5 yards per carry last season, but just 3.9 this year. That's quite a difference. He's obviously not as fresh. He's being counted on way too much.  

  Surely, the Cowboys were hoping to give some of the load to Felix, but even when he got hurt, they should've used their other rookie a little more.  

  No, Tashard Choice is not Felix Jones. He's probably not going to score from anywhere on the field and he's not a dynamic kick returner. But can he provide a spark off the bench somewhere near the middle of the game when defenses are getting worn down and you've got a fresh-legged rookie back just looking to making a difference?  

  Again, playing Choice is probably similar to the dilemma in getting Felix Jones in there a little more. You're dealing with a rookie and he's limited in pass protection. 

  But rookies are playing at running back all over the league. And by this time of year, shouldn't they learn? Shouldn't they be able to contribute in some way? 

  It boggles the mind the Cowboys have this 1-2 punch last year in Julius Jones and Barber, but yet this year, with Barber and Felix Jones and even Choice, they're hesitant to take Barber off the field.  

  But he needs the help. He can't do it by himself.  

  Not many backs can do it anymore? We're seeing LaDainian Tomlinson splitting carries now and from the looks of things in Atlanta where Michael Turner is tearing it up, maybe they should've even shared the ball a few more times the last few years. This year, Tomlinson and the Chargers are relying on little Darren Sproles for a few carries here and there.  

  Adrian Peterson needs his Chester Taylor. Clinton Portis needs his Ladell Betts. Turner needs his Jerious Norwood and yes, big Brandon Jacobs needs his backup help - Derrick Ward and Ahmad Bradshaw.  

  So Barber needs his help. If Felix Jones isn't healthy or can't play, then let Choice have a few snaps.  

  But in this week of returns - the entire team from the bye week and possibly the funk it has been in for the last month, along with Romo, Kosier and Newman from injury, why not ask for Felix Jones, too?                                                                                       

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