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Barron Tweets/Deletes Love For The Cowboys

Ah, the Twitter, where the truth comes out at least for a few hours until we claim we were "hacked."

Alabama safety Mark Barron isn't saying that just yet, but he has appears to have thought better of a tweet he put out over the weekend - or perhaps his people thought better of it for him.

A potential first-round target for the Cowboys, Barron engaged in some very public flirting with the team, then retracted his words. On the unverified but extremely convincing @MarkBarron4 feed, the (apparent) Crimson Tide defender tweeted the following on Sunday:

"S/o [shout-out] to that Lone STAR State #CowboyNation"

The tweet has since been deleted.

In recent weeks, Barron has emerged as the mock drafters' consensus selection for the Cowboys at No. 14 overall, however some league insiders believe he could come off the board earlier.

If Barron is already preparing himself to be a Cowboy, other teams probably have the same read and may try to trade up in front of the 14th slot to land his services.

Three days before the draft, of course, a lot of gamesmanship takes place on the part of teams and agents.

Was Barron's tweet a genuine show of admiration for the team he truly wants to join? Or was it an attempt to get himself drafted a few picks earlier and thus make significantly more money?

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