Better To Receive . . .

Sam Hurd is quietly having another productive offseason.

didn't, and the Cowboys kept their best five receivers, then it would be Miles, Roy, Dez, Crayton, and Hurd (in whatever order you like).

That's just if they take the five best. It doesn't always go down like that. Sometimes you take the cheaper, faster receiver with more upside and that's where Ogletree comes into the equation again. But it sounds like he's going to have to step things up once we get to training camp.

Those who think that Ogletree is a lock for a roster spot should probably think again.

And that's why the Cowboys have done the right thing by holding off on making bold moves. What we see right here and right now at wide receiver may or may not be the case come late July when things kick off in San Antonio.

Now how will it all shake up? Who knows for sure? But at least the Cowboys have plenty of options at wide receiver. And if history suggests anything, you're going to need all the options you can get.

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