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Bigger Picture

!The Cowboys have four more preseason games to evaluate players, positions and scenarios.

Phillips or any other coach has a different approach. It just seemed more evident with Parcells.

Like the time in 2006 we thought the preseason was about to end with that dreadful preseason finale against the Vikings at Texas Stadium. And if you know anything about Texas Stadium in the preseason, it was always miserably hot.

But the Cowboys scored a late touchdown and no, Bill didn't go for two. He wanted to see his team in overtime. And he certainly got to see it, as neither team scored and the game ended in a tie. As if the preseason didn't end early enough anyway.

After the game, Parcells said he wanted to see how some of the younger guys reacted to the pressure of every play possibly deciding the game's outcome.

In fact, word has it that the longtime Vikings head coach, Bud Grant, would pick a preseason game to work on onside kicks. One game he tried it four times in a row in the second half.

I think that's a good idea. Who cares about showing your hand to other teams? Why not work on things so when they happen in the regular season, your team is ready.

Either way, there are several ways to handle the preseason games, especially when there are five of them.

Just remember that not everything is done for that particular play, series or game, but rather the bigger picture.

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