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Bill Listening To Bill

. . . OK, get ready, here it comes, the rest of his conversation with himself. 

"Well, Parcells you can't let that happen again," Parcells told Parcells heading into this year. "Don't let that happen again. Even if you see the ability to make plays, be judicious in the choice." 

Make sense? See, Parcells isn't sitting here fretting over Drew Bledsoe at quarterback, and he's not saying he's going to run the ball 40 times a game come hell or high water. And he's not worried that he can't stretch the field with Glenn in the passing game or that he's limited because he has two Thirtysomethings starting at wide receiver. 

He's just saying he can't get greedy because he has a live arm again in the pocket or because he has regained those lost weapons of a year ago. He's saying the Cowboys must control games with their offense, and while the defense should be improved, do not totally bank on the defense bailing them out of bad situations. 

And with Julius Jones backed by Marion Barber and possibly even Anthony Thomas and Tyson Thompson, the Cowboys have the firepower to run the ball at least 30 times a game. They should have the ability to cut down on those minus runs. And by being a little more "judicious" with his choices, he can also cut down on the sacks and interceptions. 

That's all he's saying. 

So don't make the mistake of thinking Parcells wants Bledsoe on a leash. That's not the case. You put Quincy Carter on a leash. But you don't put a Testaverde or Bledsoe on a leash. Come on, that would be like buying a vintage Jag and just leaving it in the garage. Leave the jalopy in the garage. 

Parcells will finish by telling you, "Now don't confuse that with being conservative because that's not what I'm talking about here. I'm talking about being smart, and being more efficient and being more deliberate." 

He is not - repeat - he is not saying Bledsoe will be his "bus driver." Again, Carters are bus drivers, not Bledsoes. This guy can throw the ball, and knows where to throw the ball. But he doesn't just need Bledsoe to win games. 

He needs bunch of hands in this offensive kitchen. 

"So I'd just say I probably tried to force things a little bit too much than the first year when we played much more within a certain structure," is what he said. 

"But we just absolutely have to improve our team in many areas . . . I just feel like, this was a retrospective view, certainly, there would have been a better way to go. It might not have been ecstatically pleasing but it probably would have turned out a little better if I had done it." 

Whoa . . . man, glad Bill got all that off his chest.   


!   Here basically is how the Cowboys guaranteed that money to first-round picks Demarcus Ware and Marcus Spears. Ware, who signed a five-year, $13 million deal, has $10 million in guarantees. Instead of receiving a signing bonus that is prorated over the life of the contract, he received a $1.68 million roster bonus and then will receive the remaining majority of that guaranteed money in an option bonus that certainly will be paid at the beginning of the next NFL calendar year. Same for Spears, who signed a five-year, $9.35 million deal with $6.7 million in guarantees. He received $1.23 million as a roster bonus when he signed and will get most of the remaining majority in March. The Cowboys also broke from tradition and included a one-time incentive that supposedly is readily attainable in the two deals.
!   As for Kevin Burnett, the Cowboys' second-round pick signed basically a four-year deal that will become a five-year deal when they Cowboys pay him a $562,500 bonus in March, but chances are he will void the deal back to a four-year deal. His first-year cap figure is $1.15 million, and that includes a base of $230,00.
!   Apparently one of the reasons Larry Allen isn't practicing and

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