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'Boys, Chargers Happy With Long Weekend

We were wondering last week whether the Cowboys would continue to hold joint practices with San Diego in the future given the bond between Jason Garrett and Norv Turner. The coaches were both interested to see how things played out.

With the two workouts and Sunday's preseason game now in the rearview, both teams are pleased with the experience.

"I couldn't have asked for anything better," Turner said. "I think it was very productive for us and for the Cowboys, The two days of practice were outstanding. You really do get an experience of watching the guys go against other people, different offense, different defense, different people, and I thought that was certainly productive for us."

The last time they played in the regular season, in Week 13 of 2009, the Chargers were better than the Cowboys. Phillip Rivers threw for 272 yards and touchdown in the 20-17 win, and Vincent Jackson had seven catches for 120 yards. Both played well again on Sunday.

Jackson caught three Rivers passes for 49 yards, including a 29-yarder against Orlando Scandrick, who was happy with the work.

"I think the practice helped me," Scandrick said. "I talked to Vincent and Phillip, we share a mutual respect, and they thanked me for getting them better, and I told them thank you for getting me better. I think we had some good battles, and I've got a lot of respect for them, and I know I earned some respect from them.

"You have to keep on battling, and everything is going to come together."

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