'Boys Still Have Cap Space To Work With

Barring an unforeseen veteran signing between now and training camp, expect the Cowboys to head to California with about $4 million to spend in salary cap dough.

That should be enough to sign basically any current unrestricted free agent, if not two or three veterans, or conveniently extend the contract of just about any player they wish.

And that's despite the $5 million cap penalty the team accepted for this year. And that's despite signing more outside free agents than any other year in team history. And that's despite having the No. 6 overall pick in the draft still unsigned.

Per a PFT report of team-by-team cap space last week, the Cowboys are in the middle of the pack in terms of money to spend, with nearly $7.2 million in the bank. That number has been confirmed inside Valley Ranch.

The deal for Morris Claiborne, the only unsigned player currently on the roster, will count about $3 million against this year's cap.

There are several different positions at which the Cowboys could still use an additional veteran. Mentioned most often are wide receiver, tight end, center, safety and punter.

However, the club has been steadfast in its intention to give young players a chance to prove themselves.

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