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Broaddus: Players of the Game Includes Group Of Receivers


Offense: Wide Receivers

The running attack for the Cowboys was a non-factor, so as the game progressed, it became more evident that the receivers were going to have to make plays to keep drives alive in order to help the defense. In the second half, Miles Austin, Dez Bryant and Kevin Ogletree were able to win on the outside when head coach Jason Garrett needed them most. Sixteen of Romo's 25 completions went to those three targets. It didn't matter the route – slants, ins or verticals – those receivers were able to win their individual battles, which in turn helped the team win.

Defense: Brandon Carr

Much of my pregame focus was on Buccaneers receiver Vincent Jackson and the problems Dallas could face in having to deal with him. Jackson, like the Cowboys' rushing game, was a non-factor. Much of that credit should be given to Carr and his ability to keep the Tampa Bay wideout in check. It was a perfect plan to have Carr go with Jackson today in order to help protect rookie Morris Claiborne from potential mistakes. You also have to give Carr credit for his ability to line up at safety in the nickel package and provide stable play in the middle of the field.

Special Teams: Dan Bailey

The special teams still have issues on punt protection that clearly need to be corrected, but they do not have any concerns with kicking field goals. In a game where points were going to be hard to come by, Dan Bailey was able to once again get all of his kicks home. Bailey has become so automatic that it's an afterthought now when he lines up to attempt a kick. The Cowboys needed his three field goals today, and although they were not long ones, the results were the difference.

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