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Broken Dreams


certainly had a huge crack in the middle, it's pretty much shattered now.  

If anything, it was nothing more than a puncher's chance to fight and claw back into it. Well, without Romo, the gloves have pretty much come off.  

And that's a shame because you know the players and coaches aren't going to physically quit. You can say they quit in the second half here Monday night, but I don't believe that, although that touchdown run by Brandon Jacobs looked a little iffy. I just think they got beat up by a good, sound offense that didn't let off the gas.  

And I don't believe they will quit the rest of the season, at least not physically. Physically, every Sunday, you'll probably get this team's best, which still might be good enough to win a few games here and there.  

But mentally, it'll be hard to regroup. Or at least it certainly looked that way Monday night.  

I mean, this place was rocking, with good reason. They were making plays on defense, getting interceptions and fumbles. The offense was scoring a little with these gifts they were getting, and of course, Dez Bryant was being ... Dez. For a little while Monday night, it didn't look like a team that was 1-4. It didn't look a team left for dead. It looked like the Cowboys and Giants in one of those battles that might actually mean something later in the season.  

But it all changed when Romo took a pretty gruesome hit from Giants linebacker Michael Boley. It wasn't illegal or even dirty. And for the most part, Romo has been pretty good at avoiding major hits, but he couldn't this time.  

He did get his body turned just enough to land on his left shoulder. But a broken collarbone, whether it's on his left or right side, is enough to keep him out for a while, if not the rest of the season.  

And honestly, if this team is out of the race like it appears it will be, then what's the point of bringing him back? Romo's season is pretty much over, just like the Cowboys' season as well. And it's not a coincidence either.  

We've known for a while that it goes hand in hand.      

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