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Campo Says Boys' CBs Know The Business

Where there's smoke, usually there's fire - a concept with which everyone is familiar. Well, the idea of Nnamdi Asomugha-to-Dallas has been smoking long before Friday, when the rumors flared up again.

The Cowboys' cornerbacks, no doubt, have heard this talk over the last six months - particularly Terence Newman, who most agree would be the one sent packing to make room for the free agent Raiders cornerback, if a deal actually does materialize.

Despite what would seem to be an elephant in the defensive backs' meeting room, Cowboys secondary coach Dave Campo said the subject hasn't come up. It isn't necessary.

"We really haven't broached it at all," Campo said. "Our guys are professionals. They know the business. I don't really know what we're doing as far as any of that kind of stuff. What I know is, the guys we've got here, we're coaching. So I'm not going to sit there and say, 'Hey look, if this happens, if that happens;' no. We don't know what's going to happen.

"We could sign a guy and then everybody still be here. We could sign a guy and then an offensive lineman is out of here - I mean who knows? I don't know those things and I stay away from them. All I care about is the guys we've got out here and I'm going to coach them and we're going to be ready to roll."

According to the coach, these kinds of calls come from high above anyway.

"Business is business," Campo said. "They all know this, we're going to try to make this football team as good as it can be and we're going to get as many good guys here as we can. That's an administrative decision; that's not me."

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