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Carroll Also Impressed With Ex-Trojan Smith

After a really strong start, Cowboys first-round tackle Tyron Smith has begun to look like a rookie at times. He gave up two sacks at Philadelphia.

But alongside the few bad plays that he's had, which stand out because of his position, he's also doing a lot of good things.

One of the guys who's been impressed with Smith (and would know a thing or two about playing right tackle for the Cowboys) is Rayfield Wright, the Hall of Famer. But someone else who has praised Smith this week, who probably knows him better than Wright or any of the Cowboys coach at this point, is Seahawks coach Pete Carroll.

Carroll recruited Smith to Southern Cal and was the head coach there for Smith's first two seasons as a Trojan. Since then, he's seen lots of growth.

"He looks good," Carroll told the Dallas media during a Wednesday conference call. "He looks like he's understanding the system. He's had a lot of dominant blocks. He's always been athletically extraordinarily unique. I think it's obviously a great pick for them.

"I'm really happy to see him having success right away and getting going. There's no reason that he shouldn't, because he's so physically gifted, but he just seems to have matured, and they're doing a great job coaching him up and he's a big factor."

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