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Chances of Another Midseason Trade Like 2018?


The Cowboys were in this position last year and it got even worse at the halfway point, falling to 3-5 after eight games.

We all know what turned things around in 2018 – the midseason trade for Amari Cooper in exchange for a first-round pick. Cooper not only came in and provided a much-needed spark, but he eventually made the Pro Bowl and ignited the offense to go 7-1 down the stretch and win the NFC East.

That begs the question if the Cowboys would consider making another trade, perhaps for a dynamic defensive player.

Cowboys COO and executive vice president Stephen Jones was asked that very question on Monday during his weekly call-in show on 105.3 "The Fan," but pointed to the team's multitude of injuries as the biggest reason for the recent losing streak.

"In the short term, obviously we're having to fight through this here the past couple of weeks, and into next week we'll have to see where the injuries come down," Jones said. "But overall, unless something just presents itself that's an obvious one, then I don't necessarily see us doing some sort of sell-the-farm type of thing to make a trade."

Last year, Cooper was an "obvious one" considering how the offense was struggling to score points, and the receiver position was lacking a true No. 1 receiver. This year, the problems haven't been as consistent. The defense has carried the team to a near victory in New Orleans, only to get torched a week later against the Packers.

This past weekend, both the offense and defense had its share of problems. Again, Jones points to the fact that the Cowboys were down both starting tackles, lost two veteran receivers and then had two cornerbacks injured in the game against the Jets.

"I think when we're healthy out there, we feel good about this football team," Jones said. "I don't think there is any one place to point, and I do think for the most part we're healthy, long term."

Since the start of the regular season, there have been 11 trades around the league, including some big-name players such as Jadeveon Clowney, Laremy Tunsil, Kiko Alonzo, Demaryius Thomas and Minkah Fitzpatrick.