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Cheers From London: Appreciating Loyal UK Cowboys Fans & Public Transportation



David Helman:My night was about as moving an experience I've had so far as a writer. I went across town to check out the live edition of Cowboys Daily in London, and I was absolutely blown away by the people I met. I've known since this game was announced that the Cowboys had a large and dedicated fanbase in the UK, but I think I underestimated them. It's not just that a lot of people came, but it's more that they were absolutely fanatical.

These fans know just as much about the team as any American fan – or writer – I've come across, and they do it all despite a time difference that has them up and watching games at all kinds of bizarre hours of the day. If that wasn't enough, my friend John, who took the train down from Liverpool, wore a LSU t-shirt under his Tony Romo jersey. He has never been to Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge in his life, but here he was talking to me about the passion and pageantry in college football.

Football has been my life since I was a kid – that's just the way it goes growing up in the U.S. -- but it was absolutely incredible to talk to people who have felt its pull from halfway around the world. It's really great to see these fans have a chance to celebrate their love for the Cowboys up close and personal.

Nick Eatman:Another fun night at the radio show "Cowboys Daily in London." I know that was the bulk of my last entry but that's really been the highlight of the trip so far. Jason Garrett stresses "routine" to his players and coaches and I think I've found my routine as well. Breakfast, bus to practice facility, press conference, back to work, player interviews and then more writing. The funny thing is after that last part, it's still not even 11 a.m. back home. The time change has been something I've battled all week. And it's not my own body clock. It's just the simple fact that it's dark outside, the night is nearly over and yet I'm thinking about calling my daughter back home – and she's not even out of school yet.

But the Thursday night show was once again enjoyable, especially afterwards when you get to hang out with the locals. Their stories of how they became a Cowboys fan are so unique. One guy, also named Nik, who runs UK Cowboys Fans, said his first game he ever watched on TV was the 1983 season opener against the Redskins. He's been hooked ever since – not only with the Cowboys, but he said the show "Dallas" was his favorite series as well. That game hits home to me because 1983 is the first season I can really recall and I loved that game because of the way the Cowboys rallied from 20 down to beat them at RFK with a couple of Danny White to Tony Hill bombs. 

Another guy, who had different had a few beverages at that point, told me picked the Cowboys as his team in 1996 because, simply, he was "a front-runner." And then he said, "I've decided to make my life miserable" ever since. Kinda funny because I know the real die-hards feel his pain.

But that's what die-hards are. They die hard when the Cowboys lose. But these guys, often do it at 4 a.m. when night games in the U.S. are over. These guys are as loyal as it gets.    

Bryan Broaddus:Count me in as one of the Westerners that love the public transportation in London. We have had to shuttle back and forth from our hotel at Wembley to the Sports Bar and Grill for our nightly shows and for a guy that is so use to jumping in my truck and heading around Dallas-Fort Worth these train rides have been an absolute blast. The schedule boards are easy to read and follow. The platforms are clearly mark and if you have a question while standing on the platform there is usually a fellow traveler that is more than willing to help you get in the right spot like me, Nick and Mickey experienced two nights ago. A real plus to the train as well is the people watching which I find as solid as any major airport in the US. I really wasn't sure how this was all going to work out this week but I am more than happy for the experience. 

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