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Club Takes First-Ever Train Ride To Game

Actually, the players in there referred to it as the "Casino Lounge."  

  Terrell Owens and Ken Hamlin had a rather vocal game of dominoes going. Each "bone" was slapped on the table, not only with some force, but with friendly trash talk behind it too. And the "Hard Knocks" cameras were all over it. You'll see it next week for sure.  

  Adam Jones, sporting a fresh haircut that all of the players seemed excited about, was in the middle of some dice action, along with Tank Johnson, Marion Barber and Sam Hurd.  

  So the train took a little longer than a flight. That's fine. What the players enjoyed in terms of fraternizing, relaxing or a combination of both, was probably even more beneficial.  

  "This is definitely good for a team-building experience," said Johnson. "It's fun to hang out with your teammates and just get your mind off of football. But I do wish we were going faster than 30 miles per hour."  

  Actually, the train cranked up to 90 mph at one point. And speed is good, but speed plus bumpiness isn't always a good thing. Throw in a little shrimp cocktail, and trying to focus on a computer screen, and it's not always the best combination for your stomach.  

  But, there didn't seem to be any sickness among the players or staff. Everyone survived with no apparent problems.  

  All in all, the train ride was a success.  

  Necessary? Maybe, maybe not. It's hard to gauge how important team bonding is at this point in the season.  

  But fun and unique? Of course. And if it involves Jerry Jones and the Cowboys, that's always going to be the case.                                                        

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