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Comfort Zone

$25,000 fine from the NFL by speaking to the media for the first time since sometime last year. It only lasted two minutes and his answers were short and . . . shorter.  

He said he felt good, even stating on Wednesday that, "If I feel good today, I'll be good tomorrow and I'll be good up until Monday."  

Then he surprised us all by dressing out for Wednesday's practice, although it was just in a limited role. He continued that all week long, up until Saturday, where he showed a little frustration in the locker room when reporters tried again to get an update on his health. This time, not only did Barber not speak to reporters, but he attempted to move some media members, who were trying to interview another player, from crowding his own space. Barber did so by spraying his can of deodorant at least eight or nine times, aiming it directly at the face of one reporter several times.  

Maybe that was funny to him and some teammates, but seemed a little childish to others.  

So moving on through the weekend, there were reports that he missed Sunday's walk-thru although teammates claim he was there. On Tuesday, Phillips said the Cowboys basically made the decision to sit Barber on Sunday, but apparently the running back was still upset when he found out on Monday before the game.  

In the big scheme of things, does it really matter at all? The Cowboys played without Barber and ended up rushing for 212 yards once again. All of the other details, sketchy or not, don't really matter at the end of the day.  

And for most Cowboys fans, they could care less where Barber watches the game, especially if he's not lining up behind Tony Romo. And they certainly don't care what he says, does or doesn't say to the media. And why should they? The fans love their "Barbarian" and they just want to see him get back on the field and do what he does best - and that's run the rock.  

Now for this week, good luck keeping him out two games in a row. Not only that, but the Cowboys' luxury of having two other healthy and quality backs took a big hit when Felix Jones suffered a knee injury that will likely keep him out for Sunday's game in Denver, if not longer.  

But hopefully for everyone's sake, Barber is back on the field. Not only should he be healthy again, but the team needs him. So just like last week when the gut feeling was that he wouldn't play, this week it's hard to think he won't be out there.  

Clearly, that's where Barber is at his best and maybe, just maybe things can return to normal again.                            

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