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Competitive Spirit Rises On Fourth And Long

Preston McGann, WR (Episode 2)
Stephen Andrews, DB (Episode 1)

Power Rankings, DBs
1. Donte Gamble
2. Erick Jackson
3. Eddie Moten
4. Moses Washington
5. Ahmaad Smith

Power Rankings, WRs
1. Jesse Holley
2. Luke Swan
3. Andrew Hawkins
4. Montrell Jones
5. Steve Gonzalez

Power Rankings, Overall
1. Jesse Holley, WR
2. Donte Gamble, DB
3. Erick Jackson, DB
4. Eddie Moten, DB
5. Luke Swan, WR
6. Moses Washington, DB
7. Andrew Hawkins, WR
8. Ahmaad Smith, DB
9. Montrell Jones, WR
10. Steve Gonzalez, WR

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