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Consistently Inconsistent

!Miles Austin has been the only consistent part of this team, catching 20 passes in two games.

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guy like Roy Williams, who has started the season off on the right foot, making a few more nice catches (four for 53 yards) and showing the toughness to take big hits over the middle.

So just when you're about to think Roy is becoming the contributor this team has expected all along, he fumbles the ball away in the fourth quarter.

To me, I guess I don't understand the rule of forward progress being stopped. The very next drive, Martellus Bennett caught a pass and was knocked out of bounds, but they kept the clock going. Looked to be the same play, but yet Williams fumbled the ball after his forward progress had clearly been stopped.

Then again, Williams had a good way to fix that problem.

"Yeah, don't fumble," he said. "If I don't fumble the ball, it doesn't matter. That's on me."

Ok, so aside from Miles Austin, who has 20 catches in two games, or maybe Dez Bryant, who looked like a superstar in his punt return and the two catches that went his way, everything else seems to have a big question mark on it.

From the offense, to the defense and special teams, nothing on the Cowboys seems to be identified. That's why it's tough to sit here and say things like "the season is over."

I'm sure a lot of Cowboys fans think that way. And that's fine, maybe to them it is over. And maybe in reality, whatever expectations we had for this team, are over.

But right now, it seems too tough to tell because nothing has been consistent. The good turns into bad. The bad has turned into good, all in a matter of two weeks.

Only two games into the season, and we really only know one thing about the Cowboys - they're 0-2.

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