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Cooley Crawfishes On Romo Comments

Only a day after reveling in Tony Romo's mistakes in a loss to the Detroit Lions, Redskins tight end Chris Cooley again took to the airwaves on Wednesday, this time to soft pedal some inflammatory comments about the Cowboys quarterback.

Appearing again on WJFK-FM in the D.C. area, where he appears weekly, Cooley explained that he really has nothing against Romo, and only made his comments in jest, for entertainment value.

While the part about challenging Romo to a steel cage match was never taken too seriously, it was seen as a little surprising nationally for a player on another team to talk about how "hilarious" it was to see Romo throwing consecutive interceptions for touchdowns.

Cooley, who has also attempted (emphasis on attempted) to poke fun at Romo and Jason Witten in a YouTube video before, said he meant nothing personal.

"There's nothing in terms of Tony Romo that I really even know," Cooley said on Wednesday. "As a person, we've met. I don't really know him. The only animosity would be that I've been watching 'Sportscenter' and 'NFL Live,' and it's just getting old -- the whole thing."

Cheers to that. And here's hoping John Phillips has mean things to say about Rex Grossman at some point this year, just to get this rivalry going again.

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