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Cooper Takes Blame For 2 INTs From Sunday 


It's hard to imagine that a player who posted a career-high 226 receiving yards in the previous game would be asked to addressed a first-quarter drop, but that was the first question addressed to Amari Cooper on Wednesday.

Yet, Cooper wasn't too put off by the question. In fact, he even acknowledged the significance of his key drop in the first quarter of the Packers game Sunday that likely prevented a scoring opportunity and resulted in an interception.

Cooper not only admitted fault for not catching that pass, but even placed blame on himself for the second interception Dak Prescott threw in the second quarter.

Prescott's pass was to Randall Cobb over the middle but picked off underneath by the Packers. Yet, Cooper said he didn't do his job on the play.

"I've got to get off the ball quicker," Cooper said. "He threw it to (Cobb) but it's my job to get over the top and clear out the defense there. I didn't get there in time. So I think that was on me, too. The first one was definitely me."

Cooper wouldn't put even the slightest bit of blame on Dak's pass being slightly behind him.

"Nah, it hit both of my hands. It wasn't too far behind," Cooper said. "It's a routine catch for me. It wasn't in front of me, but that's an easy catch. Easy grab."

But Cooper could only laugh when asked if he's moved on from the game. He moved on fairly well throughout the game, going for 226 on 11 receptions and a touchdown.

"Yeah I moved on," Cooper said with a smile. "I've just got to stay in that place so you concentrate and just catch the ball first. It's the most important thing. And then run, that's it."

Cooper is the NFL's second-leading receiver with 512 yards and is tied for second in the league with five TD catches.