Could Offense Feature More I-Formation?

Speaking of the '90s-era Cowboys' offense, which used the same personnel package on nearly every play, it's a possibility the Cowboys could be going back to the future this coming season.

There's depth uncertainty at tight end and wide receiver following the loss of Laurent Robinson and Martellus Bennett in free agency. While the Cowboys could very well address those needs through free agency and the draft, the offense's "best 11" at this very moment would be in the "21 personnel" grouping.

That's two running backs - DeMarco Murray and fullback Lawrence Vickers, and one tight end, Jason Witten, with Miles Austin and Dez Bryant out wide.

Since they drafted Bennett, the Cowboys have favored the "12 personnel" package, one running back and two tight ends. When Robinson emerged, there was even more reason to utilize the "11" grouping.

While Bennett was a very good blocker, the 2011 Cowboys were most successful running behind a true fullback, Tony Fiammetta. The team believes it's upgraded that position with the addition of Lawrence Vickers.

In today's NFL, fullbacks are typically used somewhere between 12 and 20 snaps a game.

Especially if the Cowboys don't address tight end or wide receiver in a big way this offseason, Vickers could be on the field quite a bit more than that.

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