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Could Tebow Wind Up In Philadelphia?

Tony Dungy is credible as all get out. He won a Super Bowl. And he thinks the Philadelphia Eagles ought to think about trading for deposed Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow.

A couple years ago the Eagles used Michael Vick as a change of pace to Donovan McNabb. Might the Cowboys have/get to play against Tebow twice a year in the same role? Vick has done enough damage to the Cowboys over the last couple years that Rob Ryan would probably be happy to see him come off the field.

Some conventional wisdom in the NFL is that a backup quarterback should have the same characteristics as the starter so an offense doesn't have to change too much. Tebow would kind of fit the bill as a backup to Vick.

"Left-handed guy. Same offense. Mobile quarterback," Dungy said during an appearance on The Dan Patrick Show  on Tuesday. "As much as Mike has been hurt, if you're Andy Reid, you probably have to look at it, and think about it."

Last year, Philadelphia's No. 2 was Vince Young. Next in line is 2010 fourth-round pick Mike Kafka or former Bills starter Trent Edwards, who signed with Philly in February.

We catch some flak for posting about division rivals on this site every now and again, and a discussion of the Eagles' backup quarterback is pretty obtuse.

But hey, at least we didn't write in all seriousness that the Cowboys should trade a second-round pick for Tebow.

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