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Counterpoint: October Stretch Appears To Be Most Demanding


Let me clarify by saying I am fully aware of how this team has struggled in the month of December. In no way am I overlooking the fact the Cowboys simply haven't gotten the job done when the season is on the line.

They haven't done it the last two years in the regular season finale. Last year's 3-2 record – while still not good enough – was the first time they've had a winning record in December since 2001.

But when it comes to pinpointing the toughest month of games for the 2013 season, I would defer to October.

Like the other three months of the schedule, the Cowboys play two games at home and two on the road. Quite honestly, what does that even mean anymore?

This team just hasn't been very good at home. Not horrible. But just average.

And on the road, they'll surprise you with a win or two you never see coming.

Ok, so let's look at October.

At home vs. Denver.

At home vs. Washington.

On the road at Philadelphia.

On the road at Detroit.

Playing Peyton Manning in North Dakota would be tough. That goes without saying.

And the Redskins will be a tough game for sure – regardless what RGIII's status is. But you know he'll be fine and running all over the place. Division games are always a beating.

At Philly has never been easy, even last year when the Eagles basically quit on Andy Reid. It still took three defensive and special teams touchdowns in the fourth quarter to win. [embedded_ad]

And at Detroit won't be easy either. The Lions will probably be better this year and stopping that big receiver guy is something that hardly anyone does. The Cowboys surely didn't in 2011.

You can argue that all 16 games will be tough and that's probably true.

And the month of December might be harder on this team because of injuries. But when I look at the group of games, I can't find a tougher stretch than the four in October.

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