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Cowboys Back On Track Because of Romo

Favre, because that's how he plays the game, too.  

  These guys are a lot alike. Now one guy is a three-time league MVP, Super Bowl winner and owns just about every passing record there is, and will be a first-ballot Hall-of-Famer, if and when he ever decides to hang it up.  

  Romo is certainly not on Favre's level and probably never will be. But what they have in common is that they're probably better on the run, pointing at receivers to move, avoiding one sack and possibly another before chunking the ball as hard and far as they can to an open receiver.  

  Unconventional is when they're at their best.  

  And so with that, there's always some bad with the good. That's why Favre is the NFL's all-time leader in interceptions, just like he is with touchdowns.  

  That's why Romo will have some negative plays, too. He didn't throw any picks on this day, but he flirted with it. He'll force the ball into tight coverage. He had a few balls batted in there that could've been intercepted.  

  That will happen with Romo. But like we've said all along, as long as he wins more than he loses in that area, then you'll live with it.  

  Just like with T.O. You'll live with the occasional drops if he's going to go off like he did against the 49ers. You'll take Flozell Adams' having a false start penalty a game if he's going to protect Romo's blindside like he does.  

  But from a pure ability-standpoint, T.O. hasn't changed in the last few weeks. Neither has Flozell, or anyone else.  

  What has changed is the overall production of the offense.  

  And the reason, pure and simple, is Romo.                                                                                       

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