Cowboys Free Agency Includes Familiar Faces

They've been down that road before and bit the bullet. Just ask Dave Campo. During his first season as head coach in 2000, the Cowboys played with two-thirds of their salary cap dedicated to players who were no longer on the team.

The Cowboys have learned their lessons with that and have done a remarkable job with the salary cap. They've been able to add a bunch of talented players using high draft picks and free agency.

But sooner or later, you get to the limit. The Cowboys are almost there.

I understand the mentality that if you don't win the Super Bowl, there is room for improvement. I agree with that - even think the Giants and Patriots know they have room to improve.

However, whether you're winning the Super Bowl, going to the Super Bowl or get upset at home in the divisional round after an impressive 13-win season, there's really only so much you can do.

The Cowboys have the guys in place. They're here. You might be able to add some depth at cornerback or maybe receiver, but probably not with a front-line free agent.

The big-name free agents are already on this team and the Cowboys will do their very best just to be able to keep them.

So don't get upset if the Cowboys don't make any big splashes this year in free agency. They don't have the money for it and there isn't even a huge need for it.

They've done their dirty work in years past. Now it's time to figure out how to win with what they've got.

And that's not something that can be figured out in the months of February and March.

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