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Cowboys Mailbag: December 19, 2011

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TAKI VLOTAROS THUNDER BAY, ON:If the Giants win against the Jets next week, would it be smart to sit the regulars against Philly and save them for the Giants showdown on New Year's Day?

Rob:It's a fun debate to have, but I wouldn't do that unless it meant resting a banged-up player like DeMarcus Ware or Jay Ratliff. Sure, nobody wants injuries, but they need to be playing cohesively going into that Giants game if indeed it has playoff implications.

Nick:Yes, I would do that for sure. If you locked it up this week and went into the Giants game next week, you'd probably rest guys. So what's the difference. Sure it's backwards a little, but if the game means nothing, I wouldn't risk some backup linebacker getting a free shot at Romo when the Eagles have nothing else to lose. No thanks.

DAVID FEDAK LEONARDO, NJ Sean Lissemore has seemed very productive for what few snaps he gets. Do you see him as a starter in the future?

Rob: Good question, and I think he's on that track. At the very least, Lissemore could be developing into a Stephen Bowen type that can provide a pass rushing boost in certain packages. He also has real value because he has played any spot on the line, even nose tackle.

Nick:I see him having the career like Stephen Bowen did at this point. Now if he can develop into anything close to Bowen, it'll be a huge success. But you have to like a guy who just produces in limited action. I actually recall a guy like Ratliff doing something like this back in 2005.

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