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"I haven't heard anything about Rico Gathers this whole training camp. Is he playing? I have read multiple reports on Dak trying to throw to the other TEs but not one pass to Rico Gathers." - Bryant Bullock / Newport News, VA


Mailbag: Which Cowboys Injury Hurts The Most?

Hoping Tyron Smith, Amari Cooper, Randall Cobb and others can get back this week. Which injury do you think hurts us most?
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Mailbag: What Is The Offense’s Best Identity?

Moving forward against better competition as the season moves on, which of these methods do you think will make our offense more successful? 
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Mailbag: What’s Holding The Offense Back Early?

The team keeps saying they need to start faster on offense, but what are the solutions?
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Mailbag: What’s Happening Defensively?

How do you explain Sunday's loss and what are Rod Marinelli and Kris Richard going to do to get the defense back to where it was?
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Mailbag: Stealing Hand Signals An Issue?

Just saw an article talking about how some Saints players reviewed old footage of Kellen Moore in college and used some of his hand signals to figure out what the plays were going to be. Wondering what you think about it?
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Mailbag: How Much Have They Missed Antwaun?

Does the absence of Antwaun Woods have a direct correlation with the last two defensive performances against the run?
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Mailbag: Kicking Around Some Solutions

I was wondering if you think late in the Packers game maybe they should have gone ahead and tried the field goal before the two-minute warning?
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Mailbag: Concerns After Two Straight Losses?

Are the Cowboys better than their last two performances have shown? 
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Mailbag: What’s Happened To The Turnover Battle?

The Cowboys’ offense put the team in a big hole with turnovers against Green Bay, but the question is where are the turnovers from our defense? 
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Mailbag: The LB Matchup Against Aaron Rodgers?

With this being first time Jaylon/LVE playing Aaron Rodgers together, how much of a difference will this make?
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Mailbag: Distribution Of The Tight End Snaps?

With the first quarter of the season finished, approximately how many plays is Jason Witten getting per game? I know he's making a difference and I'm very thankful that he's back.
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Mailbag: ‘Copycat’ Approach From Defenses?

In a copycat league, I expect other teams to use the Saints’ game plan, but what other teams on the schedule have the personnel to execute it?
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Mailbag: Why So Few Snaps For Tony Pollard?

Any idea why Tony Pollard was not utilized during the Saints game? Don't get me wrong, Zeke's my man, but the one-two punch certainly seems to keep teams off balance.
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Mailbag: Under-The-Radar Player vs. Saints?

Who’s an under-the-radar player on offense, defense or special teams who needs to play well in order for the Cowboys to get out of the Superdome with a win? 
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Mailbag: Facing Bridgewater vs. Drew Brees?

Before his 2016 knee injury, what kinds of things did Saints quarterback Teddy Bridgewater do well and is he capable of doing that kind of stuff now?
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Mailbag: Evaluating Trysten Hill’s Debut?

Please evaluate Trysten Hill’s snaps from the Miami game. What has he done well? Where is he lacking? Has he earned more snaps based on the Miami game?
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Mailbag: Safety In Numbers With Thompson?

If I’m not mistaken, this was Darian Thompson’s first chance at extensive snaps on defense in his career. What did the Cowboys see in his game that maybe others didn’t? 
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Mailbag: The Difference In The Second Half?

Is it just me, or does this team seem to be making better halftime adjustments?
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Mailbag: Most Improved Player Besides Gallup?

Could we consider La'el Collins as one of the most improved Cowboys since last year? 
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Mailbag: Financial Impact Of Taco’s Release?

Can you break down what Taco's release means contract-wise and implications for the salary cap?
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