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Mailbag: Replacing Tavon’s Role On Offense?

Do the Cowboys have someone who can fill Tavon Austin's role, specifically the jet sweeps and misdirection plays? 
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Mailbag: LB Rotation With A Healthy Sean Lee?

For the first time in a LONG TIME, the Boys have a great defense. How would you handle bringing Sean Lee back? Who comes off? What does the rotation look like?
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Mailbag: Hurns’ Role? WR Chemistry With Dak?

When Dallas signed Hurns and cut Dez, I thought Hurns could put up close to Dez's 2017 numbers. I know he hasn't been targeted often, but has he been getting open often?
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Mailbag: Dak & QB Accuracy; 2016 Draft Rewind

Obviously we drafted a great player in Ezekiel Elliott. But with Jacksonville coming to town, just curious how big of a debate it was, if any, between Zeke and Jalen Ramsey, who has also become a Pro Bowl caliber player?
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Mailbag: More Brice Butler? Free-Agent Find?

With the way Antwaun Woods has played so far is he Will McClay’s best 'find' as an undrafted free agent?
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Mailbag: Helping The Passing Game? Dak Running?

What can the coaching staff do to put the offense in a better situation when passing? 
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Mailbag: Needing Takeaways; Byron Jones’ Role?

With Byron Jones’ elite-level cornerback play, do you see the coaching staff having him shadow the opponent’s No. 1 receiver? 
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Mailbag: Lawrence’s Deal; Looney’s Level Of Play

How's Joe Looney grading out? From the couch he seems to be playing at a high level. 
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Mailbag: How Does Irving Impact D-Line Rotation?

What starting defensive lineup changes do you see taking place with the return of David Irving and possibly Maliek Collins? 
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Mailbag: Progress For Gregory, Connor Williams?

Didn't hear Connor Williams' name called much on Sunday, which means he wasn't called for any penalties. Is he starting to "get it" as far as the pro game goes? 
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Mailbag: Biggest Challenge On Defense? FB Role?

Why did the Cowboys keep a fullback on the roster but don't use him? 
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Mailbag: Creating Explosive Plays And Takeaways

All things aside, how can Dallas create more explosive plays like what we saw early in Week 2?
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Mailbag: Less Read Option? Roughing Passer Rule?

Would love to get your thoughts on why the offense isn't running more run-pass-option. 
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Mailbag: Progress Of The Young Defensive Ends?

What are your thoughts on his play and do you continue to see him as the starter going forward?
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Mailbag: Shrinking WR Rotation? Plan At Safety?

It's been two games and safeties Jeff Heath and Kavon Frazier have played most, if not all defensive snaps, and have looked good versus the run and in coverage. Does this affect the timetable of Xavier Woods’ return? 
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Mailbag: Kris Richard’s Impact; Thompson’s Start

Do the Cowboys have a good advantage over Seattle with having Kris Richard on the coaching staff? Will his knowledge of the team help with a win? 
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Mailbag: Choosing Receiver Help? Defense First?

What's wrong with Lance Lenoir? I see they are talking about bringing in more depth, possibly Brice Butler?
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Mailbag: Hidden Yardage; Ways To Help Offense?

How did you feel the special teams impacted the Carolina game and are you concerned about that unit going forward? 
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Mailbag: Getting Tavon Austin More Involved?

Was Tavon supposed to get more snaps this game (one pass for one yard)? Maybe I missed it, but he really didn’t seem to be involved in the offense at all this game. 
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Mailbag: Offensive Adjustments? Preseason Reps?

How much of an impact did the lack of preseason play by starters affect Dallas's ability to get into a rhythm offensively?
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