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Mailbag: LB Coach’s Impact? Rico’s Role?

Would you guys rate Bloom as the second-best move for the staff with his promotion? 
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Mailbag: Xavier Woods’ Progress; Backup QBs

I have watched this entire season and must say the defense plays great. But I don’t believe Xavier Woods is getting the credit he deserves. Can we spread some love? 
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Mailbag: Which Role Players Are Stepping Up?

Who has been your favorite role player thus far this season?
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Mailbag: David Irving’s Status; Covering TEs

What's the deal with David Irving? Haven't heard much about him lately. Would be nice to have him back in the lineup against the Saints this coming week. 
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Scout’s Eye: Handling Washington’s Front 7

Here’s a look at the two biggest keys to this division matchup.
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Mailbag: Facing Colt McCoy; T-Will’s Status?

Now that Terrance Williams’ suspension has been lifted by Roger Goodell, how does he fit in to the receiving rotation? Or does he even get activated for games?
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Mailbag: Filling In For Swaim; WR Rotation?

How has Dalton Schultz been progressing? Do you think he could at least help patch the hole in the blocking department while Geoff Swaim is out of the lineup? 
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Mailbag: Colombo’s Impact? Looney’s Play?

In the short time period, what changes have you seen Marc Colombo bring to the O-Line? 
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Mailbag: Maher’s Kicks; Frederick Update

Any updates on Travis Frederick? Any possibility he may return this year? 
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Mailbag: Jaylon’s Progress; 2-Minute Offense

Based on the way Jaylon Smith has produced on the field during games this season, is it safe to assume he's 100 percent healed from his knee injury suffered in college? 
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Mailbag: Guard Change? Edge In The NFC East?

How much of this dominant running effort do you think was influenced by having the raw power of Xavier Su’a-Filo in there instead of Connor Williams? 
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Mailbag: Byron Jones’ Play; 3rd Down Issues

It was good to see Byron Jones 'protecting the star' when the Titans players celebrated on it after Byard's interception. What is Byron Jones' future look like with the Cowboys? 
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Mailbag: Breaking Down Options On The O-Line

Why does it seem that the Cowboys organization is so resistant to moving La’el Collins from right tackle to guard when he started out as a guard here? 
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Mailbag: State Of The Team; Zeke’s Workload

With Zeke only toting the rock 17 times in this week's loss, can we see a pattern of lack of carries and lack of offensive success? What happened to the power run and play-action game?
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Mailbag: WR Rotation? Another TE Option?

With his size and blocking prowess, is there any chance we could see the Cowboys try Noah Brown some at tight end?
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Mailbag: Rise In NFL Trades; More Intensity?

This year we have seen an explosion of trades, teams giving up on the season etc. Why the sudden change?
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Mailbag: TE Rotation; Creating Interceptions

I think over the second half of the season we'll see more of Geoff Swaim and Dalton Schultz and less of Rico Gathers and Blake Jarwin. Your thoughts?
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Mailbag: Will New Voices Help The O-Line?

Do you think changing offensive line coaches is the right move?
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Mailbag: TE Depth; Connor Williams’ Progress

How is Connor Williams progressing at left guard? We’ve seen him have his share of struggles through the first quarter of the season.
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Mailbag: The New Rotation At WR?

With this trade how does it affect the other receivers guys like Allen Hurns, Deonte Thompson, Tavon Austin and maybe Michael Gallup? 
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