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It seems we're constantly playing catch up and it's too little, too late in our four losses. Is it just me or do we just look flat at the beginning of these games? Is this a coaching issue in your opinion? - MIKE SMITH / VIRGINIA BEACH, VA

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Mailbag: How Much Concern About The O-Line?

What’s your concern level about the offensive line after the opener and now with Tyron Smith on the injury report late in the week, on top of La’el Collins being on IR for at least another two games?
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Mailbag: Advantages/Disadvantages vs. Atlanta?

What is one advantage you see the Cowboys have over Atlanta, and what is one disadvantage you see Atlanta have over the Cowboys? 
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Mailbag: How Did The Rookies Look In Week 1?

Just wanted your guys thoughts on the young guys, in particular Terence Steele, CeeDee Lamb and Trevon Diggs. 
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Mailbag: Which Injury Impacts The Roster More?

Which injury hurts the team more as they try to rebound from the Week 1 loss, and what should they do to address it?
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Mailbag: Should We Be Excited About Hill, Diggs? 

I’m excited to see two young players showing up on the first-team depth chart: Trevon Diggs and Trysten Hill. Do you think this is more about “need” or their individual development? 
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Mailbag: Forgotten About Defenders?

Who on the defensive side of the ball will have a great year that we are not expecting as of today?
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Mailbag: Level Of Concern About The O-Line?

I’m deeply concerned about our offensive line. Am I worrying too much? 
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Mailbag: Higher Ceiling This Year – Diggs or Lamb?

With CeeDee Lamb being the highest-rated receiver in camp and Trevon Diggs looking like a starter at cornerback, who would you give the nod to in their camp matchups? 
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Mailbag: Forecasting Brandon Carr's Role?

My question is, does he have the ball skills to be an impact at safety? 
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Mailbag: Explaining The New Roster Rules?

Do you get two more added to the 46-man game day roster? What happens to the two players after the game -- revert to practice squad or remain on roster, seeing as you can only promote a guy two times before exposing them to waivers?
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Mailbag: Expectations For Jarwin & The TEs?

Jarwin is looking good in camp, but how do you feel about him going forward, as well as the guys behind him?
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Mailbag: The Return Of Leighton Vander Esch

How has Leighton Vander Esch looked in training camp and do you think the move to middle linebacker will make a big difference, or are we reading too much into that position switch? 
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Mailbag: CeeDee's Camp Compared To Dez In 2010?

I know your observation time at camp has been limited this year, but I was wondering who was more impressive throughout training camp their rookie year, CeeDee or Dez Bryant? 
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Mailbag: How Different Has This Camp Looked?

How would you compare the level of play so far in training camp to previous years? Do you see any drop off, rustiness or unpreparedness due to the pandemic? 
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Mailbag: Mike McCarthy's Field Goal Strategy? 

With Greg the Leg looking good in camp so far, do you think this coaching staff will try the same strategy or be more aggressive to get better field position?
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Mailbag: Update On The International Prospect?

How's our local boy doing, Isaac Alarcon No. 60, in training camp?
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Mailbag: Projecting The Starting Secondary?

If the season started today who do you have manning the secondary?
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Mailbag: Surprise Standouts In Camp?

With the first two running back positions set in stone, what does the battle between our undrafted rookies look like? 
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Mailbag: Would Earl Thomas Be A Good Fit?

It looks like the stars might be finally lining up for Earl Thomas to get his wish and play for the Dallas Cowboys now that he’s a free agent. But is he still coveted by the Boys and would he be a good fit? 
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Mailbag: Who's Winning More, The WRs Or DBs?

Can you discuss how the Cowboys’ defensive backs have looked against all the offensive weapons? 
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