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"I haven't heard anything about Rico Gathers this whole training camp. Is he playing? I have read multiple reports on Dak trying to throw to the other TEs but not one pass to Rico Gathers." - Bryant Bullock / Newport News, VA


Mailbag: Who Is the Most Underrated Starter?

Who is the most underrated starter on the current roster?
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Mailbag: Fostering Competition At Fullback?

Of all the positions on the team, it seems like Jamize Olawale never finds himself competing with anyone for his job. Can you offer some explanation of why that’s the case?
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Mailbag: A Sleeper On The Defensive Line?

I see this D-Line being great no matter how it’s cut down after training camp. I think DT Christian Covington is the key. Great run stuffer. How do you feel about his chances?
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Mailbag: The Front-Runners At Wide Receiver?

If we are expecting Amari Cooper, Michael Gallup and Randall Cobb as our top three receivers, who do you view as the front-runners for the next two or three spots?
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Mailbag: Witten’s Role; A Young LB To Watch?

It seems that Jason Witten is being talked about this season as helping out immensely in the red zone. 
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Mailbag: The Speed Element; All-Time WR Group?

How importance is the depth at WR this offseason for installing the deep ball passing game with this offense? 
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Mailbag: How To Measure Success For The Rookies?

Would five or six make you happy about drafting him in the second round when there were there were a couple of nice options at safety to draft? 
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Mailbag: Area For Most Improvement; DT Battle?

What is the one area this team must improve most over last year and how do you feel the offseason has addressed it so far?
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Mailbag: The Most Intriguing Camp Battle?

Which training camp battle will be the most intriguing to you? 
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Mailbag: Dak’s Offseason; Bigger Red Zone Add?

Have you seen any noticeable improvements in Dak's throwing accuracy this year at OTAs compared to the past? 
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Mailbag: Checking Up On The Rookies After OTAs

I think the last CB spot will come down to Chris Westry, Mike Jackson and Donovan Olumba. Can you talk about what you’ve seen from these guys in OTAs? 
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Mailbag: Rico’s Next Step; Late-Round Surprises?

What do you guys think it will take to get Rico Gathers on the field to see what he's really made of?
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Mailbag: X-Factor For The Cowboys In 2019?

Which potential breakout player would have the biggest effect on the team should they take the next step forward?
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Mailbag: Taking A Closer Look At Safety Depth?

Do you think the team will sign another free safety in the offseason or convert a strong safety or cornerback already on the roster to play the position?
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Tavon Austin

Mailbag: Fastest Wide Receivers On The Team?

How do the receivers in OTAs rank according to speed?
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20181118 DAL vs ATL

Mailbag: Who Will Have A Breakout Season?

Who’s a potential breakout candidate on the Cowboys this season?
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Mailbag: More Impact Robert Quinn Or Cobb?

Which offseason addition, Robert Quinn or Randall Cobb, will have more impact on the 2019 Cowboys?
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Mailbag: Jon Kitna’s Effect On Dak So Far?

Do you see anything in Dak's early game that shows any positive influence from Jon Kitna's coaching? 
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Mailbag: Extremely Early Roster Projections?

What position groups do you think they will go long at this year? And what spots do you think they will go short?
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Mailbag: Rookie Standouts; Sorting Out O-Line?

Which one of the rookies have impressed you so far?
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