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Cowboys Mailbag: December 8, 2011

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STEVE WALKER COLORADO SPRINGS, CO:Jason Garrett has gotten plenty of heat, but Dan Bailey was the one who missed the kick at the end Sunday. What do you make of Bailey after this last game?

Nick:Agree 100 percent. At some point, the head coach has to trust his kicker will make the kick, even if it's a bit longer than ideal. Had the Cowboys lost yardage or taken a penalty in an attempt to get more yards, Garrett would've been criticized for not trusting his kicker when they were already in range. So, it's the nature of the business. You get blamed when you don't win. But yes, if Bailey makes the kick, then everything is rosy.

Josh:I don't look at him with any less confidence. It was inevitable that he would hit a rough patch at some point, because all kickers do, and his two misses on Sunday were from very long range. It was one the Cowboys needed, yes, but a 49-yard field goal is no sure thing, and a 53-yarder certainly isn't, either. That's why so many people can't understand why Garrett didn't try to keep going from the 31-yard line.

JEFF STRZESYNKI TOLEDO, OH Any thoughts about the Cowboys getting a deal done soon with Anthony Spencer? I do not think we can find a better fit at outside linebacker in the draft or free agency.

Nick: I don't think you get a deal done soon. He might be a guy that tests the waters. And I've said this before, I think he'd be better as a 4-3 defensive end because while he is a solid pass rusher, he's better against the run. That being said, you might be right. You may not have a better option than Spencer. I'm not sure giving him the franchise tag for one year would be the worst option.

Josh:No, I don't see how they can be better at that position next year without Spencer, either. A DeMarcus Ware clone is not going to hit free agency, and most of the guys who can play that position in the draft will be transitioning from defensive end - not an overnight switch. Spencer isn't Ware, either, but he's playing pretty darn well this year. I think the Cowboys will lock him up before March.

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