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Cowboys Mailbag: January 13, 2012

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ROGELIO GALLEGOS MEXICO CITY: You can draft the best cornerback, but if the pass rush doesn't improve, things won't get better. A defensive lineman in the first round to push the pocket would really help DeMarcus Ware. What do you think?

Nick:I couldn't agree more. I used to think it was a chicken-and-egg theory when it comes to pass rush and the secondary. I don't think so anymore. It's pass rush first in my opinion. Basically what we're saying here is, if you're sitting with the 14th pick and the two highest guys on the board are, a stud CB and a stud pass-rusher, I think I'd go with the rusher.

Rob: Agree with you on the pass rushing D-lineman. The Cowboys haven't shown a willingness to draft one that high since moving to a 3-4 scheme, though. Marcus Spears was the first and only in 2005. If Anthony Spencer leaves, a pass rushing outside linebacker also becomes a huge priority, maybe this team's biggest priority, unless they think Victor Butler can be a three-down player.

SCOTT CODY DENVER, CO: Gents, I think interior linemen Peter Konz of Wisconsin and David DeCastro of Stanford will be there when we pick No. 14. Would you draft one of them?

Nick: I won't lie and say I know much about any of those guys, other than - other people say they're good. I watch a lot of college football and two teams in particular, and I can't say I know a ton about any of the guards on those teams. However, drafting a guard in the middle of the first round wouldn't scare me, as long as they were truly worthy of the pick. If there were about 5-6 really good, NFL-ready guards in the draft, I think I'd wait until the second round because you can still get one then.

Rob: There's a line of thinking that guards can (and even should) be found in the later rounds. If the Cowboys think there's a 10-year starter available in the first round, why not? Can't say interior line play is any less of a need than linebacker and cornerback.

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