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Cowboys Mailbag: January 24, 2012

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Tony Fritz - Athens, AL: Jerry Jones mentioned adding a veteran quarterback as a strong possibility. Looking at the list of free agent quarterback list, does David Garrard stand out as the best pick?

Rob: What about Brees? Kidding. Hard to know what Garrard has left coming off surgery for a herniated disk. Kyle Orton, whom the Cowboys tried to claim during the season, is a free agent. He probably makes the most sense because of his familiarity with quarterbacks coach Wade Wilson. Sage Rosenfels has ties to Jason Garrett. Those are two names on a long list. Backup quarterback, whether it's Stephen McGee or another veteran, is the most underrated decision for the Cowboys this offseason because Tony Romo has suffered serious injuries in each of the last two seasons (able to play with a fractured rib, but not a fractured collarbone). He'll be 32 in April and injuries are simply more common the older you get.

Josh: Just depends on the price if they're sold that they need a veteran. I think Shaun Hill and Sage Rosenfels are plenty capable as backups, too. Kyle Orton's going to want to go somewhere he has a shot to start. Honestly, if I were them I would just roll with Stephen McGee as the No. 2. They drafted him in 2009 with the intent to develop him. Obviously he's not perfect, but he's come a long way and seems to have made progress every time he gets on the field. Unless they think he absolutely will never make it, why not go ahead and make him the backup? And if they actually do think that, why is he still around?

Mark Harris - Singapore (Really), AL: I see all of this ranting about Terence Newman, but shouldn't the Cowboys be pretty happy with Mike Jenkins' play? Does he look like a keeper as he enters the last year of his deal?

Rob: Yes, and it was very impressive that Jenkins played despite a ton of injuries: knees, hamstrings, a neck stinger that kept him out all preseason. He couldn't lift his arm above his head in December after dislocating his shoulder, which required surgery a couple of weeks ago. Kept competing. Jerry Jones praised Jenkins in Mobile this week – and Orlando Scandrick, too, by the way, for his play in the slot.

Josh: They should be happy with his play, especially the toughness that he showed. After struggling with it in 2010, he didn't commit a single pass interference in 2011 – not a single penalty of any kind, for that matter. Right now he looks like a keeper, but you might've thought differently a year ago. I think they should wait to see how 2012 goes before they lock him up.

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