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Cowboys Mailbag: March 14, 2012

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John Swei - Plano, TX: Would getting Brandon Carr mean the Cowboys are essentially done pursuing other big-name free agents?

Nick: I would guess this team has the money to get one big free agent, especially if you think about Spencer getting the $8.8 million franchise tag. They wouldn't be done in free agency, but of the big guys, probably so.

Josh: Depends what you would call a big-name free agent. Some guys might be big names, but not necessarily great additions – LaRon Landry comes to mind as a guy a lot of you have asked about who would fit that bill. Let me say this, if they get Carr done, I wouldn't expect another big-money guy.

Dallas Long - Burbank, CA: If Laurent Robinson leaves, who can fill his void as the third receiver?

Nick: I think that automatically makes wide receiver a position of need in the draft. Not first round, but maybe in the first three rounds now. Sure, they'll use guys like Andre Holmes and Dwayne Harris, but they'll need some other help as well.

Josh: It could be someone in the draft or already on board. Jerry Jones has mentioned Andre Holmes as a guy they really like. Honestly, I wouldn't be too concerned about it. Think about where Robinson was this time a year ago. You'd never heard of him. There will be capable No. 3 receivers out there.

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