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Cowboys Mailbag: March 15, 2012

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GUILLERMO GONZALEZ AUSTIN, TX?: Why would the Cowboys allow Laurent Robinson to leave?

Nick: Because they wanted to pay that third receiver about $4-5 million a year and he received a deal from the Jags at about $6.4 million. That was all because he caught 11 touchdowns in one season. As great as that is, it's not worth that much money when the first four years of his career were just average at best. He'll be tough to replace but that's too much money to spend for a third receiver. Plus, if you did that, don't think for a second Drew Rosenhaus isn't calling to get a new deal for Dez Bryant.

Josh: They've only got so much money available. How much do you want to allocate to the third receiver, who is really the fourth option in the passing game? They would've signed him if the money was more reasonable. But remember, he was picked up off the street. There are more Laurent Robinsons out there.

JOHN CARR DALLAS, TX: I believe the biggest need on the offensive line is the center position, but I have not heard anything about bringing one in to visit. Why?

Nick:I think this team is fine with Phil Costa. They liked what he did in the first season and will hope he improves as most young players do. I wouldn't say they have locked him into the starting spot right now, and won't entertain the thought of upgrading. But it's not a pressing need in their mind.

Josh: There's a glut of young interior linemen on this team. The Cowboys would love to have a Costa, Nagy, Kowalski or Arkin emerge as a starter in some spot, and all are possibilities at center. There's an outside chance Kyle Kosier could play there as well, and the draft is still to come.

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