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Cowboys Mailbag: March 19, 2012

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BARRY SMITH ANAHEIM, CA: Why aren't the Cowboys picking up a veteran wide receiver?

Rob:Not saying they absolutely won't sign one at some point, but they don't seem that high on the guys out there relative to what they can and want to spend. Releasing Kyle Kosier would save a little more than $1 million, but they're much tighter against the salary cap now after signing eight players in the last week. Receiver could be a bigger draft priority than we originally thought.

Nick: Well, if they found one they liked for the money, the Cowboys would do that. I really don't think this team is worried about finding that guy. They found Robinson and probably figure they can do the same with other players. I do think it's made it more of a priority in the draft.

JOHN D'ANNA ALBANY, NY: If we are in a position to draft the best available player, is it inconceivable to pick a tight end at No. 14 overall?

Rob:Pretty much. Is there even a tight end who might crack first round, much less the top 14? It's a need, but it's not a bigger need than defensive line/pass rush help. Or safety. Or even receiver.

Nick: I don't see that happening at all. Witten is still the starter and we've seen with second-round picks (Fasano and Bennett), if Witten is still around, there won't be enough opportunities to justify the pick, especially a first-rounder. This team has way too many defensive needs to be taking a tight end in the first round – or first two days of the draft for that matter.

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