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Cowboys Mailbag: November 7, 2011

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EDDIE POTEET JERSEY CITY, NJ:What is wrong with Miles Austin's hamstrings? Is he not stretching, or warming up the right way? The guy pulls a hamstring every other day. This doesn't seem like money well spent.

Nick:IEasy. You're obviously frustrated with his injury or maybe it hurts your fantasy team. It's happened twice this year to both hamstrings. He's a speed guy that didn't have an offseason and it's probably something we should've expected. But yes, he stretches and he's got one of the best strength coaches in the game. Fast guys pull hammies. It happens. He's also been a pretty good player when he's out there so I think it's way too early to talk about his contract being worth it.

Josh:I don't know what's wrong with them. It could just be a freak thing each time, or maybe some kind of physiological issue with body chemistry and muscle strength or, who knows, whatever the case. Considering the fact he's been dealing with those issues, I'd imagine he's doing all the stretching he can. It's hard to call it money not well spent considering the fact he's still their best receiver. What would they do without him? I guess we'll see.

JIM YOUNG BAKERSFIELD , CA:How does Dallas plan on winning meaningful games if Jason Garrett won't let his running backs run in short yardage near the goal line?

Nick: You make it sound like it's a problem for the running backs. I think the issue is the offensive line, always has been. That has to be fixed. And yes, meaningful, close games are won in the trenches and if you've got nothing to offer up front, you probably won't win. I agree, that needs to be fixed immediately.

Josh: As Garrett said Monday, there's nothing inherently better with running down there than passing. The point is you're trying to score, and the guy who knows this team better than any of us believed they would have a better chance to do that by throwing. Oh by the way, when they did run it from the 1-yard line, they went backward.

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