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Cowboys Mailbag: October 10, 2011

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DARREN ROSS WINNIPEG, MB :Are you guys secretly and maybe surprisingly confident about the Cowboys' chances going to New England this week? I ask because of the combination of coming off a bye and Rob Ryan's success against the Pats with Cleveland last year.

Rob:I am optimistic about their chances Sunday, and the matchup reminds me of their trip to New Orleans in 2009. The Cowboys won that game because they got an early lead, they had no turnovers and the defense held the Saints under 20 points. Sounds like the right combination Sunday. The last goal will be the toughest.

Josh:Well, I don't know that anybody should ever be confident going to New England. But one thing I know about this game is that just when you think you have things figured out, you get surprised. The Cowboys were down after Week 4, and it's just the way things go in the NFL that they could very easily be on a high again. It'll take a great performance, though.

DEE NICE BUFFALO, NY:I want the TV pundits to crucify all the other, horrible, choking quarterback performances this season. Matt Schaub, Michael Vick and Eli Manning on Sunday were in the same boat Tony Romo was against Detroit. Even Tom Brady threw four picks to Buffalo a couple weeks back. Your thoughts? Why does Tony Romo get it when others don't?

Rob: Mostly because he hasn't won a Super Bowl, but some of those quarterbacks you mentioned haven't either. It's the franchise he plays for and the legacy of greats he's following here. Danny White had the same burden, and he was pretty darn good. Now, none of this excuses the mistakes Romo has made in two losses, but there's a tendency by some to evaluate this guy on a week-to-week basis. He's not a Super Bowl champion, but I think he has earned more latitude than that.

Josh: I think it has everything to do with the fact he plays for the Cowboys. They're either loved or hated, and people enjoy reveling in it when they fail. The other thing is he truly does go through some wild swings from time to time, and it's hard for folks to compute how he can be doing so well, then so poorly with the flip of a switch. There's always been more good than bad, though, and that's why he has a great record as a starter. Truth to be told, nobody cares about the Texans, and even as high-profile as the Eagles and Giants are, no one is jealous of them. That's why the Cowboys, and their quarterback, are so hated. My advice would be to not worry about what the pundits say.

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