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Cowboys Mailbag October 27, 2011

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ZACH FERGUSON JACKSONVILLE , NC :Do you think the Cowboys will be affected by the pressure that has been put on them to perform from Rob Ryan's training camp comments about the Eagles?

Nick:I think this rivalry can stand on its own, it doesn't need other stuff to fuel it. Right now the Eagles can't say anything because they are 2-4 so it seems like they were over-hyped. But then again, let's remember who hyped them. It was the media. Not the Eagles themselves. But I'm sure if the Eagles win, then it'll come back on Ryan like it did when the Lions won their game with Calvin Johnson. But I don't think there's extra pressure on the Cowboys. This is a 3-3 team against a 2-4 team. Pressure is there to win for obvious reasons.

Josh:There's pressure every week, comments notwithstanding. Whether the Cowboys win or lose, it won't have anything to do with something Rob Ryan said. Glad we have him around to say such interesting things, though. It doesn't hurt anything.

RL MCD DESOTO, TX:hy is it important for the Cowboys to have two kickers on the roster, especially when there are other needs?

Nick: What are the other needs? I don't see any glaring needs at the moment. They had players active last week that never stepped on the field. And look at the kickoffs right now. Dan Bailey has six touchbacks in four games, while Buehler has five in two games. I think there is a need to have better, deeper kickoffs . . . IF . . . you can afford the spot. And right now they can.

Josh: It's a luxury, no doubt. But I think you could argue that having a kickoff specialist in David Buehler could have a lot more impact on a game than one more defensive lineman or cornerback. Having him around could add as much as 40 or 50 of yards of field position in their favor each week, more than whoever else would be the last guy on the active roster. With the extra spot on the gameday roster, it's even easier this year. Kickoffs have been moved up, so why not take advantage?

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