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Cowboys Mailbag: September 1, 2011

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@dallas_girl214: Like many fans, I believe Dez Bryant will have a breakout year. What's your take?

Nick: I think he's the most talented player on the team. The only question with him is staying healthy. If he plays 16 games this year, my take is that he's in the Pro Bowl.

Rob: As long as he stays healthy and committed to becoming a complete receiver, last Saturday's game was an indication that Bryant is capable of a big year. He was a matchup problem for the Vikings' corners and although there were a couple of miscues with Tony Romo, the two seemed to have a rhythm together.

@KennyEller4: Four kickers currently on the roster, who do you think wins the job and kicks against the Jets in Week 1?

Nick: Good question. Tough question. I think Rayner has a chance if he shows them anything in Miami, especially if he kicks off well. Something tells me Buehler is going to be around though. If I had to guess I'd say Buehler and either Rayner or Bailey stick around for field goals.

Rob: Could be wrong, but I can see them keeping two kickers (for now): Dave Rayner and David Buehler. I think they'd like to keep developing Buehler, but he's coming off a hip injury only two weeks before the opener. Rayner's got a strong leg, too, and he's a proven vet. Injuries across the roster will decide whether there's room to keep two.

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