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Cowboys Offense Eying "More Wrinkles" In Week 4


FRISCO, Texas -- You're not going to hear them give specifics, but the Cowboys seem to be hinting at something as they prepare for Detroit this weekend.

For an offense that has struggled to gain ground these first three weeks, particularly in the passing game, they have repeatedly stress the need to execute. But in talking to offensive coordinator Scott Linehan on Thursday, it sounds like the Cowboys might be expanding their playbook, rather than paring it back.

"I think we're obviously searching for some things that will help us," Linehan said. "I think we've got some good stuff this week that's not paring back. It might be a little bit more the other way. It's going to fun to see how guys execute."

Pressed for clarification, Linehan added that perhaps the Cowboys might just show a few more wrinkles on Sunday afternoon.

"I think we need that," he said.

The guy who will be executing Linehan's play calls said the same thing on Thursday, as Dak Prescott confirmed that things may look a bit different in Week 4. Prescott added that the Cowboys need to be sure they don't press too much to achieve the offensive success that has eluded them to this point.

"There's going to be some different things that I think you'll see," Prescott said. "And more so us just going out there and just playing and being ourselves -- from the passing game, from the running game, just everything."

Who's to say what that will actually look like. Linehan hinted that perhaps the Cowboys will use a firmer receiver rotation, rather than rotating six different players so heavily. There's also the oft-repeated idea of simply not overthinking it.

Regardless, whatever the Cowboys can do to get out of their funk will be welcome. The offense currently ranks 30th in the NFL, and the Cowboys are scoring the second-fewest points in the league, averaging just 13.7 points per game.

Despite that, Linehan said the Cowboys aren't letting the setbacks get to them, as they look for new ways to right the ship.

"The tough times are certainly things that shape you and you learn from them," he said. "I think you also look at this is what can help us. That's the focus. And that's the focus we choose to have."