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Cutting Glenn Came Down To Young WRs

Jones put his business cap on and work up the $500,000 injury settlement.  

  Glenn initially balked and said he wouldn't sign it. Who knows, maybe he stopped working out as much, too. But at the end of the day, Glenn had even agreed to sign it and return to the team. Glenn was ready. Unfortunately for him, it was probably too late.  

  The Cowboys are ready to move on. They're ready to see just what these younger guys can do and they really don't seem interested in having Glenn hanging over anyone's head.  

  Now, Jones and Phillips might keep Glenn in the back of their mind, that is unless the veteran doesn't sign on with another team. And yes, it's hard not to think someone from Miami will, or probably already has called to see just how that right knee is holding up.  

  A colleague of mine who writes for another newspaper said back in April that Glenn's next catch will occur with the Dolphins. Thought he was crazy. Guess not.  

  Who knows, maybe Glenn's next reception will be with the Cowboys, if indeed they really are serious about leaving the door open. And maybe Glenn won't have any more catches. Just maybe he'll see that he truly has done enough in his career and decide to hang it up.  

  But unlike the one that just ended his tenure with the Cowboys, that is a decision that Glenn actually does get to make.                             

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