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Dak: Kellen Moore 'Has the Mindset' For an OC 


Since the end of the season, the only official news that has transpired regarding the coaching staff is that Scott Linehan is no longer the offensive coordinator.

After that, it's been nothing but major speculation and a few hints here and there by the Cowboys' brass.

But if there has been one common theme, it is that Kellen Moore will seemingly have a bigger role in the offense. Either he could be the offensive coordinator, or will at least have a different role that will allow him to call plays.

If that's the case, his quarterback seems to be all in. Speaking from the Pro Bowl in Orlando last week, Dak Prescott said Moore, who is currently the team's quarterbacks coach, would do well in a position where he runs the offense.

"It's simply just how he knows the game and how quick he is processing the information," Prescott said of Moore. "Seeing defenses, knowing and learning what move is happening both offensively and defensively. He's just got the right mindset."

Last week, Moore said he is still waiting to see how the coaching staff "plays out," but seemed excited in whatever role is in his future. He also knows how important it will be for Prescott to continue his growth. When asked from Orlando what is needed for the Cowboys' quarterback to improve, Moore said it wasn't just one aspect.

"I think there're a lot of little things," Moore said. "There's never anything that is going to (be drastic) to the common eye. It's just fine-tuning things and getting in details. At the end of the day, it's his show and his offense, and we just have to continue to evolve with who our personnel is."

Speaking of personnel, Moore said it's not a coincidence that Prescott's play drastically improved with the arrival of wide receiver Amari Cooper, who like Dak was a late addition to the Pro Bowl.

"I think certainly everyone kind of saw where everything was progressing," Moore said. "You get Amari in, you get some stability in the offense and guys get their roles. There was a lot of change going on throughout the season. With Travis [Frederick] not being there and getting Joe [Looney] in the swing. And then obviously the skill positions, getting them established. Once we got them established, we started playing pretty well."

But not well enough to avoid a change at the OC position. If Moore is promoted to a larger role, there will likely be some backlash, considering he has just one year of coaching experience and only played in three career NFL games. Then again, Moore has overcome criticism before.

"You look at Kellen, he's a guy people didn't think had the arm strength or wasn't able to do this, but he's the winningest quarterback in college football history," Prescott said of Moore, who won 50 career games at Boise State. "Yeah, it's a college, but now he's made a career for himself in the NFL for a long time. If it's him or whoever, I have confidence in where we're going with the offense."