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Dak Says New OC Moore "Demands Respect"


FRISCO, Texas– Three years ago, Dak Prescott arrived in Dallas looking to compete for snaps with Kellen Moore, who was a backup quarterback. 

Two years later, Moore was Dak's position coach and now, he's running the entire offense. 

So while the relationship obviously has changed between the two in a rather short time, enough has transpired for Prescott to have complete respect for his new offensive coordinator. 

In fact, as the two get ready for the start of OTAs on Tuesday, Dak seems to think the entire offense will share his feelings in that regard. 

"He's shown so much command," Prescott said when asked what he likes from Moore so far since he's become the OC. "He demands respect."

Without being prompted, Prescott went into some of the stereotypes and labels that have surrounded the soft-spoken Moore, who only started three games in his NFL career and has just one year of coaching experience. 

"And maybe a (quiet) guy like that maybe that's what people question is his command," Prescott said. "He played backup quarterback most of his career. Does he have that? Can he take over the room? And he most definitely can. He gets in front of the whole offense. He gets in front of the team, whatever it may be. He demands respect by his knowledge. He demands respect by what he asks of us."

Prescott, speaking at his annual Women's Clinic that was held at The Star on Sunday evening, elaborated, stating that Moore is currently seeking out information from the players as he works on the playbook. 

"He said he wants to know what we think," Prescott said of Moore. "He wants to know what we want to do, and he wants to incorporate it into his plan. When you have a guy like that that's asking a player first how can I help, how can I make this situation better, this game better, you're going to have a lot of success. And I'm so excited for this year and what we all can do."

Earlier this offseason, just after it was announced that Moore would be the new OC, he applauded Dak, calling the offense "his show" and said there would be a handful of things the QB needs to improve on this year. 

"I think there's a lot of little things," Moore said. "There's never anything that is going to (be drastic) to the common eye. It's just fine-tuning thing and getting in details. At the end of the day, it's his show and his offense and just continue to evolve with who our personnel is."