"Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team" – Episode Nine: Field of Fears


It's the start of week six in training camp and there are 42 women remaining, with six cuts still needed to be made for the final roster of 36.

Kelli Finglass and Judy Trammell hold their first outdoor stadium rehearsal at Highland Park High School. This is a way for them to see who's the best performer on the team, because everything is more visual on the field. It's also a reality check for the girls learning how big of a stage the football field can be.

The girls will be learning the field entrance, the choreography that introduces the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders at every football game that then leads into the signature dance "Thunderstruck." It's a very complicated number, moving five yards in four counts all while performing choreography with your upper body. Plus, you have to stay in a perfectly straight line and stop and your exact yard line, or it's completely noticeable by everyone in the stands.

Melissa Rycroft is back to help the rookie candidates. She will be working with them to find out what they think their weaknesses are, and how they can improve upon them.

Melissa, along with DCC Veteran Gina, record the girls dancing and then play it back so they can see where they can progress. This is an opportunity to turn their negatives into positives so they can stand out more in the studio and on the field.

Kelli and Judy bring the girls back to The Highlander, Highland Park's stadium, to perform the field entrance and signature dance in their boots for the first time this training camp. Most of the girls have never performed in Cowboy boots, so it will be a big adjustment to make, let alone dancing in boots on a football field.

Tough decisions must be made, and emotional office visits are held as Kelli and Judy try to make roster moves.

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